Basic security VCA (B-VCA) By achieving your VCA diploma, it will give you knowledge about HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) Basisveiligheid VCA (B-VCA) Het behalen van een VCA diploma geeft u kennis over VGM (veiligheid, gezondheid en milieu).


In which language can the VCA exam be taken? View the complete overview here.

Duplicate diplomas may only be issued for the VCA diplomas awarded after 31-12-2015. You can request them via

You can email your personal details (name, address, city, first initials, surname and place of birth) to We will review your details and then send you an invoice. Once payment has been submitted, you will receive a new SCC card.

All diplomas are registered in the Central Diploma Register Here you can easily and quickly assess the validity of the diploma.

Several trial exams are available on our website. The trial exams can be found here.

In order to take part in the exam, you must bring a valid identity document with you. A declaration of theft is not permitted

An identity document officially valid in the Netherlands, such as:

  • A passport or valid foreign travel document
  • A driving licence
  • Identity card
  • Foreign national document or alien’s passport issued by a Dutch government authority

Candidates who are admitted to a detention centre who do not have a proof of identity as described above must identify themselves with a declaration of detention accompanied by a (recent and similar) photograph of the candidate.

The period of validity of an identity document may not have expired on the date of examination.

To take CBT exams on location, an exam room must comply with various guidelines. You can find an overview of the guidelines here.

A damaged identity document is invalid. In order to take part in the exam, you must have a valid identity document.

However, it is permitted to request a copy of the identity document for participation in an exam. You may make the BSN number and photo illegible/undetectable to eliminate the possibility of abuse

You can find all information about the system requirements on the VCA Infra website.


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