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Fast, reliable, efficient and safe: add your SCC diploma to your DSP right away.

Request a DSP at the same time you take your exam. Your SCC (VCA in Dutch) exam results will then be registered directly on your Digital Safety Passport from Secure Logistics.

The Digital Safety Passport is a strictly personal, digital data medium developed by and for Deltalinqs members in cooperation with the SSVV and the VOMI. Rather than having to flip through a green booklet with faded stamps, the training courses and/or gate instructions are clearly displayed at a single glance. Because the Digital Safety Passport is linked to the relevant register, it is always 100% reliable and up-to-date.

The process of updating completed training courses and safety/gate instructions on the DSP is virtually fully automatic. What’s more, the Digital Safety Passport also monitors the term of validity for your qualifications and instructions. You will receive reminders three months, one month and one week before your diploma(s) expire(s).


The biometric markers of its owner are added to each Digital Safety Passport. This one-time measure ensures that the owner can always identify themselves, without the need for a citizen service number (BSN) or proof of ID.

DSP: card and smartphone

Besides the physical DSP card, it is also possible to display the Digital Safety Passport via a smartphone app. The app is available to all users free of charge.

Benefits of the Digital Safety Passport

   Easy to use

  •    Saves time during inspections
  •    Prevents identity fraud
  •    Automatic notifications concerning validity of your certification(s) or proof of identity
  •    Qualifications automatically updated from the registers of the relevant qualifications
  •    Digital ‘stamps’ issued for following safety instructions at the work site
  •    Link to timekeeping systems and check-in systems

Registered qualifications

The Digital Safety Passport registers more than just your SCC diploma. Over 75 educational, training and certification courses can be added to the DSP. Click here for an overview of all registered qualifications.


Purchase                                                      € 8.50

Registration                                                Normally €10, free at EEI

1st-year subscription fee                          Normally €25, free at EEI

Secure Logistics

Secure Logistics develops and supplies systems for identity and access management. These systems link data to individual identities, optimising security at your work site and making processes including logistics faster and more streamlined.

Further information on Secure Logistics and the Digital Safety Passport is available here.