Basic security VCA (B-VCA) By achieving your VCA diploma, it will give you knowledge about HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) Basisveiligheid VCA (B-VCA) Het behalen van een VCA diploma geeft u kennis over VGM (veiligheid, gezondheid en milieu).

Basic security VCA (B-VCA)

Basic security VCA (B-VCA)
In the Netherlands, earning an SCC diploma (in Dutch, VCA) teaches you about SHE (Safety, Health and the Environment).

What do I need to know about B-VCA

  • By earning a B-SSC diploma, you are demonstrating that you possess good basic knowledge of SHE (Safety, Health and the Environment). A B-SSC diploma is valid for 10 years.
  • The B-SSC exam will be administered in digital (CBT) form. The exam consists of four different types of questions: multiple-choice questions, matrix questions, ranking questions and ‘pairs’ or matching questions.
  • The exam contains 40 questions, which you will have a maximum of one hour to answer. In order to pass, you must earn at least 2580 of the possible 4000 points. Once you have concluded the exam, you will see a percentage appear. If the percentage is higher than 65%, congratulations are in order! You passed!
  • For an audio exam, you will have 75 minutes to finish the exam.
  • The B-SSC exam is available in the standard languages of Dutch, Arabic, German, English, French, Hungarian, Italian, Lithuanian*, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovakian, Spanish, Turkish, Bulgarian, Croatian and Russian.
  • The B-SSC exam is available upon request (within 30 working days) in the following languages: Danish, Estonian, Finnish, Greek, Latvian, Maltese, Norwegian, Slovenian, Czech and Swedish.

Examination regulations of the European Examination Institue

The examination regulations are applicable to the VCA exams (BVCA, BVCA green, VOL VCA and VIL VCU) that are carried out in accordance with the criteria laid down in the VCA Recognition Scheme established by the Foundation for Collaboration for Safety (SSVV). The implementation takes place in accordance with the guidelines set out in the Implementing Decree VCA.

The examination regulations can be requested via

Why get a B-VCA diploma?

You proudly demonstrate your responsibility regarding YOUR own safety
Prevention of accidents and thus also possible cost savings
You increase the safety of your colleagues in a hazardous environments environment
Advantage over your competitors by obtaining the VCA diploma
Required for VCA certification of the company where you work
Increase chances of finding a job or internship placement