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The European Examination Institute

Our mission is that candidates can obtain their VCA diploma in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere.

About EEI –The European Examination Institute


EEI is an independent examination agency for VCA examination. Our mission is that candidates can obtain their VCA diploma in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere.

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What makes examination by EEI so different?

For many candidates, obtaining a VCA diploma is a milestone in which stress plays an important role. Our enthusiastic and relaxed approach increases the chance of success and means we provide added value. The personal character is what distinguishes us.



The European Examination Institute (EEI) has been a recognised examination agency for VCA exams since 2005. We provide the exams throughout the Netherlands and also abroad. The EEI will provide the tablets on which the exams will take place. The advantage of this is, that you immediately know the result

With enthusiastic, personal and expert exam leaders, the candidates will experience EEI’s exam not only as a “must”, but also as pleasant. EEI is not only concerned with the exam, but also with the atmosphere, the personal character and the enthusiasm to achieve your goal, namely obtaining a diploma with added value!

My name is Hanneke de Vries, and I am very proud of what I have achieved together with my team. We started with a major challenge in 2002: conducting audits in such a way that customers feel comfortable. Audits are generally perceived as something that needs to be done…. Our mission is therefore to change the feeling of auditing into a positive experience, which in turn leads to awareness regarding safety, quality and the environment. We are already well on our way to distinguish ourselves from other providers. We realise that we have set the bar high, but with our enthusiasm and drive, we will achieve our goal!
See you soon!
Hanneke de Vries & NCI team

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